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Ember Js MCQ Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions And Answers)

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EmberJS is a well-known web development Framework and was developed by Yehuda Katz with its initial release in December 2011. In the past, it was also formerly known as the SproutCore MVC framework. Now, if you'll create a new application with EmberJs, you'll be able to use it's newly released version Ember 3.20 which was released in JUL 29, 2020. This release of Ember.js is an LTS (Long Term Support) candidate and comes with new features like {{in-element}} also some fixes for the last version 3.19. Check out "builtwithember.io" for a comprehensive list of projects which is using Emberjs on for its frontend responsibilities. EmberJS comes with good documentation for the newcomers in EmberJs Community and here at Tutorials Link you'll get Ember Js MCQ Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions And Answers)

Ember Js MCQ Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions And Answers)

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1. Ember.js is which type of framework?

  • server-side framework
  • client-side framework
  • both a and b
  • None of the above

2. Who designed Ember.js framework?

  • James Gausling
  • Hakon Wium Lee
  • Yehuda katz
  • Tee Berners-lee

3. What is Git?

  • It tracks the changes made into the file
  • It changes the content of the file.
  • It is just a dependency an Ember.js uses.
  • None of the above

4. Which command is used to install the Ember CLI

  • npm ember.js install
  • npm install -g ember-cli
  • install ember-cli
  • npm ember-cli

5. What is the use of Router?

  • It used to keep the tracks
  • It is used to name the class in ember.js
  • It is used to map the route to route handler.
  • None of the above