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There are different libraries used to make fast and easy web development. Material-UI is a library that is used to create React web applications with ease of designing it, providing components, custom elements and more.
Working with React to build a web application, one of the most common things to practice is accessing responses from REST APIS. Most of the applications which are based on real time have backends working with API calls. In this, the web page fetches data from an endpoint server and renders them accordingly.
Working with react we use components. Everything on React is component-based. These components are later rendered to show us the application.To style these components of React there are several ways to do it. Some styling methods are the same as doing styling with a normal HTML file.The ways to style in React Js components:
In this article, we are going to describe the different events and methods involved in the lifecycle of a component.
In this article, We will learn about the famous framework of ReactJS's React javascript extension i.e JSX.