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how to test your microphone on windows 11

Sep 07, 2021 windows 11, 1243 Views
here in this article, I will tell you how to test your microphone on windows 11

How to test your microphone on Windows 11?

Sometimes overuse of online meetings makes our webcam and microphone hang in between or struck in the middle path of running if you too finding the answer for the same then now you can relax as here in this article I will tell you how to do this?

 In this article, you can learn how to teat your microphone on windows 11 with very few steps this is not at all a complicated matter it’s pretty simple if you know to operate your PC! Read the whole article till the end and dont skip in between let’s break all the steps of How to test your microphone on Windows 11?


  1. Very first thing when you are going to test your microphone on Windows 11 make sure they are connected with either USB/ BlueTooth.
  2. Once checked come to your home screen and right-click on the sound button present on the right bottom side in the tasks bar and select SOUNDS SETTINGS from it, although it can be done by going into setting app in pc it is the easiest way you can opt, anyone,
  3. Now windows will open a sound settings page in your tab now go to the INPUT section  and tap on the side facet [<] present in front of the input option 
  4. And up next choose any microphone you want to choose
  5.  And there scroll down you will found heading of TEST OUR MICROPHONE AND tap on the button of START> tap there and try to speak at the normal voice to est your microphone
  6. Now when you are done with speaking instantly you wil see a blue line jiggling above the option of  TEST and it will tell you even the range of your speaking power and quality but if none of the things are reflected on your pc then there can be a disconnection of a microphone with Window even the malpractice done in microphone is too possible.
  7. Again you matt find the option of START TEST and now the percentage of your speaking will be shown if the percentage is less than 50% then it means that it is too quiet but if it is above 50% then it means it is perfectly okay and still if it seems like your microphone is too quiet you can increase the volume input of your microphone by using the slider and it will help you in doing this
  8. In the end by changing the settings get your microphone tested again if now everything seems okay then it is perfectly fine ut if still, it has some troubleshoots then it might be damaged inside the microphone of the device

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