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Is the Canon printer not responding in Windows 11/10? Here is the guide

here in this article, I will tell you Is the Canon printer not responding in Windows 11/10? Here is the guide!

Is the Canon printer not responding in Windows 11/10? Here is the guide!

If you are a canon printer user and facing errors in printing or had faced earlier, then now you can rest because here in this article we are going to explain to you why it occurs and will provide you the full guide for solving it. 

Well, we all know that Canon has been a well-reputed, responsible, and trusted company for years but still, there are many cases where Canon printers are not responding in Windows 10/11. The solution is pretty simple, read the whole article to get full information about steps and don't skip in between. Let’s begin the journey for a solution. 

There can be a normal glitch due to network issues or some silly mistakes due to which it is not working with your windows. Here is the full guide for manual troubleshooting in the printer.


There are two different ways through which printer connectivity can be solved. The first way is manual troubleshooting and the second way is configuring the printer to the right port. Here you go with the very first.


  1. When you are doing the printer work or going to print anything. Make a habit of checking your internet connection, it will not only help in printer issues but will keep your modem, router, and devices connection updated.
  2. If your network and settings themselves have connection issues then restart your pc.
  3. When the network is connected and still there are glitches in the printer. Reconnect the device with your pc, reconnecting pc will help in removing glitches.


  1. Using different USBs can help. If the current USB connection with the printer or device is not working, use another USB.
  2. Sometimes using a hub creates a problem and does not allow the printer to print, instead of using a hub try to use a direct cable for connecting it with the printer.


  1. f your printer is connected with BlueTooth and not getting connected to the device- reconnect the Bluetooth again. If still, it is having glitches after reconnecting then must check the connectivity power of your Bluetooth again.

How to configure the printer with the right port?

 There  is yet another way through which you can configure the printer to the right just follow  these five steps:

  • You are required to open the run page for this you will have to press windows key+R at once up next, in open there will be an option for typing type CONTROL PRINTERS their ad tap OK.
  • Once tapped ok you will get a list of printer devices but find your and tap on it
  • Tap the printer you have and after that right-clicked again it will show you a series of options select PRINTERS PROPERTIES then >PORT TAB>APPLY to save our settings section after tapping on apply tap on GENERAL TAB
  • Here you can select TEST PRINT PAGE which will give you a test page
  • If still, the printer test page is having any glitch or not working then repeat the process after applying to your SETTINGS, and test it again! It will work.


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