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How to turn off the autocorrect in settings on windows 11?

here in this article, I will tell you How to turn off the autocorrect in settings on windows 11?

Turn off the autocorrect in settings on windows 11:

Isn’t it very irritating when you are right in your writing but autocorrect keeps on giving you its wrong direction? If yes then this article is for you, if you are too tired from Windows 11 autocorrect word mode on your pc then today here I will tell you the whole procedure through which you can easily remove or disable autocorrect permanently . have a look at all the points. Read the whole article till the end to get full information and don't skip any step in between.


This is not a complicated affair but yes can be kind of frustrating, /.follow the enlisted steps and get your autocorrect settings off.

  1. The very first step for turning off you are required to go on the settings page on windows 11 your pc gives you two options for this first method to go on setting page is open the search bar present in magnifying glass icon near the start button left side in the bottom, the second method to do this is tap windows+i button simultaneously it will directly lead you on the page of settings on windows 11.
  2. After arriving on the settings page select time and language and just after this tap on TYPING present next to the start button
  3. The autocorrected button has a set of sliding the button from off to on and vice versa
  4. Just tap that slider off if you do not want it to show you the suggestions plus there are so many options given, you can check them out too if there is anything useful to turn off /on.
  5. You can use and repeat the process anytime which means you can anytime  change the sliders from off to on and on to off, it's that simple

So, this was all about the information for the settings turning off the autocorrect mode on windows 11. Do we hope this article will help you in getting rid of the irritation? What are your thoughts on the same? Share with us in the comments section

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