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Why Alibaba is the future choice for Cloud

Sep 10, 2019 Alibaba, Cloud, Cloud Computing, 3826 Views
In this article, we will understand why Alibaba is the future holder in the Cloud area

Why Alibaba is the future choice for Cloud

Alibaba was initially developed a platform to support the large-scale operations within Alibaba Group’s Ecosystem.

Today, Alibaba is China’s largest provider of public cloud with Alibaba taking a disproportionally large share of 43%. Roughly 40% of the top 500 enterprises and 50% of listed companies in China are using Alibaba Cloud  and it has been named first in Asia Pacific market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and IUS (Infrastructure Utility Services) in two consecutive years as per Gartner’s latest report revealed earlier this month named Market Share: IT Services, 2018.

Such growth can be attributed to the suite of products and services they provide, ranging from cloud computing and AI to big data, networking, middleware, cloud security, and IoT. Being a part of Alibaba Group gives us ample insights and expertise.

Case Studies

  1. AirAsia is heavily reliant on its online ticketing platform, both its website and App, but its ticketing platforms could be exploited by crawlers and Bot attacks, affecting both websites, app performance too but also potentially exposing customer data. It was difficult to distinguish customers from crawlers and bots which directly compromised airline bookings and revenue.AirAsia’s website and app experienced massive traffic flow as the result of bots which also led to additional operational costs.

Alibaba Cloud’s CDN Network in China enabled improvements in Round Trip Time and the latency of Air Asia’s websites.

Air Asia’s and Alibaba Cloud’s security teams both of them worked together to block illicit traffic during the initial days, thanks to the extensive database of known hackers and their patterns. Uncovering complicated hacking strategy, AirAsia and Alibaba Cloud security teams customized rules and applied them to Alibaba Cloud's Web Application Firewall (WAF).

They also worked together to implement stricter security checks, including custom-built captcha solutions.

AirAsia identified 90 percent of the traffic as Bots. Alibaba Cloud now provides Air Asia with weekly security reports and regular updates.

  1. The traditional business of selling fresh seafood was a consumer, restaurateur, or chef might go to the local fish market early in the morning to pick the best of the days catch. FreshGo's challenge was to recreate this experience virtually, so a customer wouldn't have to go to the market at all but yet could pursue the days catch from the comfort of their home, restaurant, or business.

FreshGo turned to Alibaba to do this. Alibaba provided a unified solution for live streaming the whole entire market so that the customers can interact with each market stall to see, pick, and buy live and fresh seafood.

FreshGo works with Alibaba Cloud’s partner Cloud Connect Technology for project deployment. Using real-time live broadcast technology, Elastic Compute (ECS) cloud servers, and CDN on Alibaba Cloud, Cloud Connect Technology technical team makes the best-recommended deployments and plans for customers from initial design to future expansion.

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