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What is Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics | AWS Kinesis Data Analytics

In This Article, we'll learn about what is AmazonKinesis Data Analytics or AWS Kinesis Data Analytics, get to know its benefits, its types and their features, a look at how it works, and some of its use cases.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is the most effortless approach to break down streaming data, increase significant bits of knowledge, and react to your business and client needs continuously. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics reduces the complexity of the building, managing, and integrating streaming applications with other AWS services. SQL users can without much of a stretch query streaming data or assemble whole streaming applications utilizing layouts and an intuitive SQL editor. Java engineers can rapidly fabricate modern streaming applications utilizing open source Java libraries and AWS integrations to transform and analyze data in real-time.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics deals with everything required to run your real-time applications ceaselessly and scales consequently to coordinate the volume and throughput of your approaching data. With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, you just compensation for the resources your streaming applications devour. There is no minimum fee or setup cost.


No servers to manage

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics is serverless; there are no servers to oversee. It runs your streaming applications without expecting you to the arrangement or deals with any framework. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics automatically scales the infrastructure up and down as required to run your applications with low latency.

Powerful real-time processing

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics gives worked in capacities to channel, total, and change streaming data for cutting edge investigation. It processes streaming data with sub-second latencies, enabling you to analyze and respond to incoming data and streaming events in real-time.

Pay only for what you use

With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, you pay only for the processing resources that your streaming applications use. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

Easy to use

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics empowers you to effectively and rapidly construct questions and advanced streaming applications in three simple steps: arrangement your streaming data sources, compose your inquiries or streaming applications, and arrangement your goal for handled data. Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics takes care of running your queries and applications continuously on data while it’s in transit and sending the results to your destinations.

How it Works

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications

With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications, you can process and break down streaming data utilizing standard SQL. The service empowers you to rapidly creator and run ground-breaking SQL code against streaming sources to perform time-series analytics, feed real-time dashboards, and create real-time metrics.

To begin with Kinesis Data Analytics, you make a Kinesis data investigation application that consistently peruses and forms streaming data. The service bolsters ingesting data from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose streaming sources. At that point, you author your SQL code utilizing the intelligent editorial manager and test it with live streaming data. You can also configure destinations where you want Kinesis Data Analytics to send the results.

Kinesis Data Analytics supports Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose (Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Splunk), AWS Lambda, and Amazon Kinesis Data Streams as destinations.


Integrated input and output

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics integrates with Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose so that you can readily ingest streaming data. Just point Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics at the input stream and it will automatically read the data, parse it, and make it available for processing. You can emit processed results to other AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service through Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. You can also send output data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams to build advanced stream processing pipelines.

Easy-to-use schema editor

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics provides an easy-to-use schema editor to discover and edit the structure of the input data. The wizard automatically recognizes standard data formats such as JSON and CSV. It infers the structure of the input data to create a baseline schema, which you can further refine using the schema editor.

Interactive SQL editor

You get an interactive editor to build SQL queries using streaming data operations like sliding time-window averages. You can also view streaming results and errors using live data to debug or further refine your script interactively.

Advanced stream processing functions

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics offers functions optimized for stream processing so that you can easily perform advanced analytics such as anomaly detection and top-K analysis on your streaming data.

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink

With Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for Apache Flink, you can utilize Java or Scala to process and examine streaming data. The service empowers you to the creator and run code against streaming sources to perform time-series analytics, feed real-time dashboards, and create real-time metrics.

You can construct Java and Scala applications in Kinesis Data Analytics utilizing open-source libraries dependent on Apache Flink. Apache Flink is a popular known framework and engine for preparing data streams.

Kinesis Data Analytics provides the underlying infrastructure for your Apache Flink applications. It handles core capabilities like provisioning compute resources, parallel computation, automatic scaling, and application backups (implemented as checkpoints and snapshots). You can use the high-level Flink programming features (such as operators, sources, and sinks) in the same way that you use them when hosting the Flink infrastructure yourself.



Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics includes open source libraries based on Apache Flink. You can run them anywhere and there is no vendor lock-in. The libraries include Apache Flink, AWS SDK for Java, and AWS service integrations. Apache Flink is an open-source framework and engine for building highly available and accurate streaming applications.

Integration with AWS services

You can set up and integrate a data source or destination with minimal code. You can use the Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Java libraries to integrate with Amazon S3, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and Amazon CloudWatch.

Built-in operators

Pre-built operators enable you to build a Java streaming application in hours instead of months. The Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics Java libraries are extensible and include more than 25 pre-built stream processing operators from Apache Flink like transform, partition, aggregate, join, and window to reduce your coding time and effort.

Advanced integration capabilities

In addition to the AWS integrations, the Java libraries include more than ten connectors from Apache Flink and the ability to build custom integrations. With a couple more lines of code, you can modify how each integration behaves with advanced functionality. Also, you can build custom integrations using a set of Apache Flink primitives that enable you to read and write from files, directories, sockets, or other sources that you can access over the Internet.

Durable application backups

You can create and delete durable application backups through a simple API call. You can immediately restore your applications from the latest backup after a disruption, or you can restore your application to an earlier version.

Use cases

Streaming ETL for Internet-of-Things (IoT) with Java applications

You can write Java applications and use Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics to transform aggregate, and filter streaming data from IoT devices such as consumer appliances, embedded sensors, and TV set-top boxes. You can then use the data to send real-time alerts when a sensor exceeds certain operating thresholds.

Watch how John Deere extracts IoT sensor measurements from agricultural equipment, transforms them into useful customer information in real-time, and loads the transformed data into a data lake.

Real-time log analytics with SQL

You can stream millions of small messages to Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics and calculate key metrics, which you can then use to refresh content performance dashboards in real-time and improve content performance.

Ad tech and digital marketing with SQL

You can ingest different types of data records from audience tracking systems, ad exchange listeners/bidders, and ad servers, and combine them into the same stream. Then, you can use Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics to perform data transformations continuously to power real-time advertising and digital marketing solutions.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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