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What's new features and improvement in Angular 5

Here I will explain new features and improvement in Angular 5.

Angular 5, the next version of Google developed JavaScript framework. Angular 5 is going to be a much better version and you will be able to take advantage of it. It's been an excitement for Angular developers as the wait is over with the arrival of Angular 5.

Angular 5 has been a lot of bugs fixes since Angular 4, that makes Angular 5 more reliable. Due to the Angular 5’s delay, Angular 6 should arrive in March or April 2018, followed by Angular 7 in September or October 2018. Each Version has the feature of backward compatible with the prior release.

Angular 5 features and improvement is based on the logs that are collected from Github from all Angular 5 beta and RC Versions-



Following is the list of Angular 5 major features and performance improvement:


Angular 5 Performance Improvement

  • Angular 5 now has the native addEventListener method to register events. That gives a lot of performance improvement in faster rendering and it is the core functionality.
  • Now it update to new version of Build-Optimizer
  • Angular uses Static Injector instead of Reflective –Injector
  • Add some more improvements in the Abstract class methods and Interfaces


New Router Hooks

  • Added Activationstart and ActivationEnd router events.
  • Two new Angular router hooks ChildActivationStart and ChildActivationEnd have been introduced to add the functionality of event tracking activation of individual routes.


Improvement in HttpClient

  • It is used for communication by backend services over HTTP protocol.
  • Improvement in Error handling and fetching error details.
  • Improvement on Caching.
  • Improvement on Type-checking the response.


Invalid CSS properties Detection

Angular 5 will now report the error if it finds any discrepancies in CSS while binding. It also shows the error for invalid CSS properties and syntax.


Angular 5 Bug fixes

  • Now fixed the compilation error by using the correct type of providers.
  • Do not strip CSS source maps, that is compiler related fix.
  • Now it supports persisting dynamic style within in animation states.
  • Now ignore @import in multiline CSS.
  • Fix platform browser dynamic.


Improvement in Angular Compiler

  • The Angular compiler now requires TypeScript 2.4.x.
  • It allows multiple exportAs names.
  • Reuse the Typescript typecheck for template type checking.


Router lifecycle Events

Added new router lifecycle events for Guard and Resolvers

  • GuardsCheckStart
  • GuardsCheckEnd
  • ResolveStart
  • ResolveEnd


Added features in Angular 5

  • Add NgTemplateOutlet API as stable in common control.
  • Added updateOn blur option in form controls.
  • Added updateOn Submit option to form controls.
  • Add representation of placeholders to xliff and xmb in the compiler.
  • Added add default updateOn values for groups and array to form control


Following is the schedule for Angular 5 release




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