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Top Programming Language to learn in 2020

Dec 21, 2019 Programming, Programming Language, 1998 Views
The article aims to describe the importance of programming language keeping in mind of the year 2020

Top Programming languages to learn in 2020

Well for students it has always been a question - Which programming language to learn or Which is the best programming language to learn? So in this article, we will try to cover these questions which can help you to move ahead for the choice of the programming language you want.

Top 5 Programming language to learn in 2020 are 

  • Python
  • R
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Go

Why Python

The world is moving towards AI or Artificial Intelligence and the increased demand for Artificial intelligence Engineers are too in demand, and when talking about AI how can we forget about Python, the most programming language that AI Engineers love. Benefits of learning Python are

  • User-friendly data structure
  • Presence of the third-party modules
  • Open-source libraries
  • Productivity and speed

Why R

With rising Data Science the most suitable programming designed to keep requirements for data scientists is the only preferred language R. It provides various other functionalities and modules required to carry out data science operations. Benefits of R 

  • Quality Plotting and graphing
  • Opensource documentation
  • Eye-Catching reports
  • Platform Independent.

Why JavaScript

Now if you want to create a dynamic web with the best experience interaction, JavaScript is the option you should choose for. With unique features as an auto-recovery browser compatibility issue, makes JavaScript the best one of its segment. Benefits of JavaScript 

  • Autocomplete
  • Auto reloading - reloads new content without reloading entire content
  • Rollover and dropdown menus
  • WebForms validating

Why Java

Well, we all have heard about Java, in fact, it's the most widely used programming language all over the world. Benefits of Java are

  • Java API
  • Platform Independence
  • Object-Oriented
  • Wonderful community.

Why Go

Go is a general-purpose programming language keeping in mind for the future. It's lightweight, flexible and sophisticated at the same time makes it a smarter choice. Features are

  • Multiparadigm
  • Concurrent
  • Easy to control
  • Easy composition over Inheritance.


Its always required for which purpose you want to learn a language, as if for data science - R, for AI - python and so on. But always remember to clear your basics before implementing any of the data structures.





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