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Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021

this article will explain all the best laptops for 2021 top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021

A laptop in the 21st century has become an important asset, but its purchasing can be a complicated affair. All the gadgets have their importance, but a laptop can serve you good comfort at your desk, it can be converted into a desktop when connected with premium hardware. If you are having any doubts before buying a laptop then you’re at the right place to get your answer. This article will explain why enlisted laptops should be at your desk.

Here’s the list of best laptops with their link from each best brand in India. Read the whole thing to know more!

How to pick up the best laptop for you?

Everyone has their reasons for buying laptops. It is difficult to consider one single best laptop for everyone because you might have different expectations with your gadgets and devices as in you might go for thin, good storage memory, gaming light, good battery life, or for studying. Now if you wish to have a premium device with powerful hardware or some special included features in it then you have to either save more or spend more from your pocket.

 The market is filled with infinite companies and their devices so choosing any particular model from online or shop is a difficult task because the manufacturer is always ready to tell you what suits you for making leads but this complicated task is made simpler here’s we have selected some top devices with their pros and cons.

 No matter what kind of device you are looking for from top gaming to under your budget. This article will have devices for you.

Now if you wish to have a premium device with powerful hardware or some special included features in it then you have to either save more or spend more from your pocket.

Topmost 5 BEST LAPTOPs OF 2021

It is genuinely hard to find the best 2021 laptop on the market or online. But what makes a laptop best or differentiates it from the bad ones? it how they maintain the balance of power, efficiency, the productivity of battery and everything the best laptop would consist of fantastic keyboards, a trackpad and we live in the 21st century where a smartphone or smartwatch share just a commonplace or regular thing but the laptop has been preserved for some good reason it will help you in your comfort level which phone or other devices does not support. 

Check out the list of the top 10 best laptops models for 2021


Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021
Image source- smashingtops.com

MacBook air can be a great pick for gaming, browsing, and productivity. It stands with no major or minor flaws. No gadget is an all-rounder or perfect powered by an Apple MI processor that includes 8GB RAM & 256 GB of storage. It is completely transformed by the Apple MI chip. It is the thinnest for this device too but what it does is just above everything right. It is t, lightest notebook ever. Its CPU speed is up to 3.5x faster and GFU speed up to 9x faster machine learning. This much power and speed were never to go. It has 18 hours battery lives which is a 3-time battery.


  • Great sound - it has great sound volume quality surprisingly it is the last model which has good quality of sound. Lightest model - it is the thinnest notebook model ever, which is portable to carry, it has a mere weight of 1.35 kgs which can be carried by the student or any individual for a working environment 
  • Best battery life-MacBook air is a master in saving battery life its battery works for 18 hours it is a durable feature in the market. 
  • Full of useful apps - all the computers came with pre-installed apps similarly MacBook air has several features of installed apps like facetime and calendar, maps.


  • The expensive MacBook air is having a higher price compared to all other laptops. They are similar in their nature. It costs between its purchasings mostly dependent upon customers’ needs.
  • Lack storage it comes with 128GB capacity for the same models the main flaw only is the capacity of storing apps, installing any large MB app eat away all the storage capacity remaining 
  • Slow performance can perform the standard task of student office but performance slows down notability.

You can check with this link for more detail and discount:

2020 Apple MacBook Air (13.3-inch/33.78 cm, Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 7‑core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Space Grey

2. HP ENVY X 360 13 

As this laptop is suggested to students it is 360 -degree rotatable portable system, with long battery life and available at an affordable range under expenditure of students 

Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021
Image source- techradar.com


  • Rotatable- as mentioned it is easy for working individually to rotate it in all directions
  • Worth for money- it is under the pocket range of students.
  • Allow pen input- it allows pen input under the system.
  • Easy to carry- it can be carried anywhere.


  • Not with many features, it is a good device to use but not having many premium features in it.
  • Not the cheapest though it is repeated again and again that it is under a pocket range of families but it is not as cheap.

You can check with this link for more detail and discount:

HP Envy x360 Convertible Touchscreen 13.3-inch (33.78 cms) FHD Laptop (3rd Gen Ryzen 5 4500U/8GB/512GB SSD/Win 10 Home/Night Fall Black/1.32kg), 13-ay0045AU


Majorly this laptop is used for the business classic line. It is slight in weight with 14 inches of the screen it is far better than Dell XPL 13  and much more expensive than that but it is of only 2.59 pounds we get hardware of 11th generation intel core processor and a variety of ports it is easy in it to connect with any device.

Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021
Image source-notebookcheck.com


    •  Light in weight it is easy to carry, thanks to robust for having the lightest carbon fibre and durable too  
    • Classic business ThinkPad- any laptop can be good for business but this one is classic for several reasons of its features.
  • The long battery is durable in its battery life too and has powerful hardware 


    •  Expensive it is not cheap it is almost the same price as MacBook so some people prefer to go for MacBook instead of this
  • Not for students mostly preferred for business work
  • Not for gaming - it does not have a discrete GPA so it cannot be used in gaming

You can check with this link for more detail and discount:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 7th Gen 20QD000LUS 14" Touchscreen Ultrabook - 1920 X 1080 - Core i7 i7-8665U - 16 GB RAM - 512 GB SSD - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - Intel UHD Graphics 620 - in-Plane Switch


 It is a 13-inch laptop available with wireless Bluetooth connection and having webcam HD its specifications are - it is 10th generation intel core i5 available with 8GB RAM and 64GB Screen. 

Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021
Image source- trustedreviews.com


  • Finest designs — it has sleek designs and best designs in 2021 Phenomenal batteries  and speedy performance — it has a good durability range in battery life
  • Bigger screen size - it has 15 inches of screen size which is more than enough for a student or office work and it is more than the size of a MacBook


  • Expensive - it is out of the range of a middle-class family. 
  • Webcam its traditional look of the webcam is irritating of new generation uses 

You can check with this link for more detail and discount:

Dell XPS 13 7390 10th Generation Corei5-1021U 8GB RAM,512GB SSD,13.3" Full HD Windows 10 Laptop

5. LG GRAM 17 

There are various reasons to buy this last one out of all five laptops in 2021 basically it has 11 generation intel core i7 graphics, intel iris graphics of 16 GB ram, and a screen bigger than dell XPS it is 17 inches

 Top 5 best laptops to buy in 2021

Image source-digitaltrends.com


  • Excellent battery durability it has got a good rating in its battery life and durability
    •  Light in weight- being light in weight gives more attraction to buyers to lurk it and get it it is very light in weight
  • High-quality display - it is worth after purchasing as its high-quality display helps in screen visibility


  • Too expensive in rate- it has all good premium features but can only be afforded by a good salary person who wishes to change.

You can check with this link for more detail and discount:

LG Gram 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 17-inch IPS WQXGA (2560X1600) Thin and Light Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10 64-bit/Dark Silver/1.35kg), 17Z90N

This was all about the top 5 best laptops of 2021. We hope this article would have made your purchase much easier and more comfortable.

let us know which laptop you have decided to purchase in the comments.

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