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Spotify to add a vertical feed of music videos

Spotify is testing a new feature called "Vertical feed of music videos".

Spotify, a famous music streaming service, is experimenting with a new function in its mobile application that offers a vertical stream of music videos similar to TikTok that users can swipe over to search for whatever they enjoy.

Many applications, including Instagram and YouTube, are emulating TikTok's vertical short video stream format. The feature was discovered in the Spotify for iOS beta, which is now live on TestFlight. According to 9To5Google, a new icon in the application's tab bar directs users to a new vertical video interface where users may scroll up or downwards to stream short video segments.

Spotify, according to the source, refused to disclose any other information regarding the vertical feed of music videos. The company did, however, reveal in a note that it has been looking into the possibility of a vertical video feed.


It's possible that the function is based on Spotify's current Canvas format. Canvas, which was widely released in 2019, enables the artist to make videos to promote their music on the Spotify music streaming platform.


Spotify has revealed a partnership with Netflix to create a specialized hub on the OTT platform. The hub will be a single store for all Netflix-related content, including some that are only available on Spotify. This hub is featured on both the mobile and web versions of the app.

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