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Learn the Advantages of Migrating to Office 365 – 5 Major Benefits

Oct 22, 2018 office 365, 718 Views
Do you know the advantages of migrating to Office 365 cloud? Read this tutorial to learn the benefits of Office 365 migration and why we should switch to Office 365 online.

There are the number of organizations who are still using outdated technologies for their work. However, there are various new platforms and solutions like Office 365 available with advanced tools to enhance the business. But still users are sticking to old technologies, still, they resist to change. It is because most of the organization presumes that their current platform is smart enough to work with. Apart from this, some of them find out migrating all data to a new platform (Office 365) is a difficult task. Microsoft Office 365 is basically changing the way of business work. Thus, there are various advantages of migrating to Office 365. And, the migration process is not always so complex as it seems to be. Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed various benefits of migrating to Office 365. This will make it more clear to users why prefer Office 365 over any other hosted email solutions.

What are All Advantages of Migrating to Office 365?

Switching from any hosted email client to Office 365 is always beneficial. It is because moving to Office 365 solve many problems at once. In this section of the blog, we have covered the same:

  1. Enhanced Flexibility:
    The best part of moving over Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud is the flexibility offered by it. In addition, it is also easy to integrate with the organization on-premise solutions Thus, switching to the cloud has many advantages such as it minimize the maintenance cost, which is associated with local servers. Moreover, as it is a cloud-based service so, it is clear that staff need not be bound to the desk in order to access organization data. It is because it is possible to work from anywhere like mobile, tablet, laptop. Moreover, all of it is backed up via comprehensive security measures. It is clear that MS Office 365 is one of the best ways to start the business very fast. Office 365 provides same enterprise-level services, which a large corporation can have and make it simpler to compete.
  2. Backup and Protection of Data:
    For any organization, their data and document are very important to them. And, loss of a single bit of information can create a leave an organization in a very big trouble. But in the case of Office 365, this is not the case. It’s data protection and backup services help users in believing that data is accessible at any time. Due to this, it is clear that data stored in the cloud is always protective.
  3. Provides Number of Powerful Tools:
    Another great thing about using Office 365 is that it permits users to select the tools of their choice. Based on their convenience, a user can add any particular applications to a home screen of Office 365. This will make it easy for the users to access all of them from one place.
  4. High Availability & Easy Collaboration:
    One of the major advantages of migrating to Office 365 is the high availability of data. In addition to this, the collaboration feature of Office 365 is also there that let multiple teams work in collaboration with each other. This will make it easy for everyone in the team to make real-time changes in the original version of the document, spreadsheet, presentation etc.
  5. Access to Latest Program:
    While working on Office 365 an organization can always have the benefit of using the latest version of Office at no extra cost. Every Office 365 subscription plan always include the latest version of Office. As Microsoft make upgrades in any program, a user can access to all of them without any limitation.

Every organization wants to experience growth and expand their business, after knowing the major advantages of migrating to Office 365. Moving business to the cloud will reduce the cost, deliver advanced tools to the users, minimize the complexity and enhance the security. Therefore, most of the users want to upgrade the Exchange Server version and move to Office 365.

A Professional Way to Migrate to Office 365

After learning about various advantages of using MS Office 365, users are looking for the solution. In order to have seamless migration to Office 365, a user is advised to use a third-party tool named as Office365Import PST Tool. It is a user-friendly tool that let users migrate Outlook PST file to Office 365 account without any loss of data.


If a user is looking for highly efficient collaboration solution for their business, then Office 365 is the best choice. There are the number of advantages of migrating to Office 365 like enhance the business at a fast pace. Moreover, to have an easy and successful migration, one can take help of professional solution. This will let users perform the migration in a seamless manner and ensure the integrity of data.