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LG's webOS could power up future possibilities

Jul 08, 2019 Operating System, 2648 Views
A brief blog about LG's WebOS

LG's webOS

Everyone of us loves simplicity and convenient Operating System and I guess that's the reason you will be familiar with Windows, or Android or IOS, probably you are using one of them right now for reading my article, and a big Thank you for that. :-)


Each and every operating system has it's own uniqueness , the world is changing, be at life habits, reach ability , or be at Technology, taking this into consideration LG is pushing itself to something known as webOS , well if you are using LG smart TV then probably I guess you are witnessing this operating system , which is efficient and uses less memory, which means it's stable built upon that configuration.

The WebOs is smarter , like it introduced NLP Natural Language Processing through remote controller of your TV and moreover it's light themed user Interface will make you love this Operating System as if you are counting 1...2....3, bad joke ,haha.

LG is making sure that it could potentially power up future AI robots , Cars , and smart home , source - The Verge

Which again means it's potential to growth of Artificial Intelligence to serve human kind, with its architecture and more features to be enabled, The webOS presently powers up Television from LG and has decent applications from Developers too and again I need to make sure of its stability, It's fast, and It's light.

Well every invention is to bring some really helpful features to human and WebOS does that too, serving from television to AI, Smart Home , Cars. The LG webOs was tested among it's segments and the results are clear , Check it out yourself here, and mostly what I can conclude is that fingers crossed let's hope best for it and did I forgot to tell you that you can learn to develop applications for free for WebOS , check it out.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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