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Kotlin Version History

Jan 19, 2021 #Kotlin#VersionHistory, 1862 Views
This article will contain the versions along with the release dates

Kotlin Version History

Kotlin was created by JetBrains in 2010. It is open-source. The first version of kotlin was released in 2016. 

Version History

  • Kotlin 1.0v was the first version released in February 2016. It was the first official version of kotlin. 
  • Kotlin 1.1v was the second version released in March 2017. Interoperability with JavaScript was released in this version. Now developers can compile kotlin code to JS and you can run it in their browser. 
  • Kotlin 1.2v was the third version released in November 2017. The developers can share the same code between different platforms. You can write the logic once and reuse it again on different tiers of the application. 
  • Kotlin 1.3v was the fourth version released in October 2018. It was a stable version of kotlin. From this, it becomes earlier to read and write the blocking-code. 
  • Kotlin 1.4v is released in 2020. 


Versions DATE
1.0 February 2016
1.1 March 2017
1.2 November 2017
1.3 October 2018
1.4 2020
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