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Keep these things in mind before installing any app on your phone; a minor error could wipe out your bank account.

Hackers use different tactics to enter into the users device's system so always pay attention even to a little things happening in your phone.

How to identify fake apps? 

There are many types of apps on the Internet, ranging from entertainment to banking and fitness. Due to the presence of many apps in the app stores, many times we randomly install any app on our device without knowing whether it is legit or not. Although most of the apps are published on the app stores after going through a deep verification process, but still there are many such app stores on the internet where there are fake apps which many people install and inadvertently get their bank account emptied. Actually, through such apps, cyber criminals steal sensitive data or online banking details of people and misuse them. Today in this article, I will give you some tips to avoid installing these fake apps, so let's read further.

Following are the tips to recognize fake apps. 

  1. Due to the original design, it is very difficult to identify fake apps. Legal terms are written in it like the original app, so before installing any app, read its legal terms very carefully. 
  1. If your mobile phone discharges frequently even though it is new, then you need to pay attention to it as it can be a sign of the presence of malware or virus in the mobile. This is because the battery of any new phone does not slow down so quickly.
  1. Before installing the app, check the spelling of its name because many times while developing a fake app, hackers do not pay much attention to the name of the app and put the wrong name, so if there is even a single wrong word in the name of the app then it might be a fake app.
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms