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How to backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive?

If you want to preserve your important WhatsApp chat, read this complete article.

Many important messages are available on WhatsApp in this modern age, which we cannot afford to lose. Backing up WhatsApp chats becomes essential to preserve such important messages. WhatsApp makes it simple to back up all of your chats to Google Drive. You only need to take a few simple measures to accomplish this task. However, the device should have an engaged Google account in order to backup to Google Drive. In addition, the Google Play app must be available on the device. In this article, I'll throw light on the steps which will help you to backup WhatsApp chats to Google drive. 

Image source: The verge

Following are the steps to backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive: 

Step 1. Locate the WhatsApp Settings page. 

Step 2. Next, select the Chats option. 

Step 3. Next select Chat Backup. 

Step 4. After which pick Back up to Google Drive from the drop-down menu. 

Step 5. The backup frequency must then be set to something other than Never. 

Step 6. You can prefer to manually back up your chats to Google Drive. 

Step 7. Once you've chosen the backup frequency, pick the Google Account option. This will include a backup of the chat history. Although, you must log in to your Google account if not already linked.

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