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How to add links to the Instagram story?

Nov 19, 2021 Instagram stories , how to add links, 118 Views
we have explained How to add links to the Instagram story? in this article have a look.

How to add links to the Instagram story?

Have you ever tried to share links in your Instagram story? Or want to do it but don't know how to do it? Then you have landed at the right place to get your answer here in this article we have explained step by step how to share links in your Instagram stories. 

Sharing links can be very helpful in expanding your business, doing paid promotions, or selling anything through stories, and this link can direct directly to the product. The process of doing this is very simple and not at all complicated. Instagram has launched a simple tool, to do all this and you no longer need to add URL text or swipe up feature to add. Here we will tell you how to add a sticker link feature in your IG’s stories.

Want to add link features to your Instagram stories?

How to add links to the Instagram story?

To begin with, you need to copy the URL you want to add to your stories by clicking on the copy option in your browser and next now open the Instagram app on your device. This system works on iPad, Android, and PC also. 

Click on the YOUR STORY button in the app which is present at the row of the Home tab.

Once you have tapped on your story button it will give you various options, of story, post, video, and reels. Make sure you are adding things to the story only.

how to add links in your instagram stories?

For example, click on the picture and add on the sticker icon present on the top of the screen, infinite stickers options are available, tap on the LINK sticker option but if it is not directly available then you can search the sticker in the SEARCH space available. Once found, apply that and it has the option to paste the URL copied. Paste the link and when done hit the DONE button. And it’s all set you can attach this sticker link anywhere in your picture or around your poster, in any font, and with any background. 

After selecting, tap on adding it to my story, and with that, there is one more option available for CLOSE FRIENDS which means you can select a few friends only they will be able to see your Instagram stories as it works with WhatsApp status if you want to select the close friend’s option to tap that and follow the steps mentioned.

But if not then tap on adding it to my story options and it’s all done! You have successfully added the link without using the swipe-up or any other feature.

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