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How To Get YouTube Premium Subscription For Free?

If you're searching for ways to get a free premium YouTube subscription then you're at the right place. Here I'll tell you about two best ways to get a premium YouTube subscription for free.

YouTube is a huge platform where you will get to watch all kinds of videos without paying a penny. However, many features of YouTube cannot be used for free. These features can be used only by taking a premium subscription, for which you have to pay a certain amount to YouTube.

However, you will be surprised to know that these premium features can also be used for free. Today I am presenting to you two such methods, with the help of which you can get a YouTube Premium subscription for free.


What are the benefits of purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription?

  1. The best advantage of taking a YouTube Premium subscription is that with its help you can listen to songs on YouTube without ads.
  2. Apart from this, the premium subscription also allows you to play videos in the background, which means that you can watch your favorite YouTube videos while performing any task on your device.
  3. With this subscription, you can also turn on the audio-only mode to listen to music without loading the video.


How To Get Free YouTube Premium Subscription?

There are two ways to get a YouTube Premium subscription. 

Following is the first method to  get a free YouTube premium subscription

Step 1. The first way is through Flipkart, for this, you have to open your Flipkart app.

Step 2. After that tap on the Super Coin option.

Step 3. Now scroll down and select the YouTube Premium option, you can get a free YouTube Premium subscription by exchanging 50 super coins.


Following is the second method to get premium YouTube subscription for free 

Step 1. To get a free YouTube premium subscription by the second method, first, you have to visit the official YouTube website on your device.

Step 2. Then tap on your profile image and select the option with 2 month free subscription. You can subscribe to the plan of Rs 129 per month.

Step 3. In order to subscribe enter your Debit/Credit card details or use Google Play balance.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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