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Explain Agile Software Development in detail | Agile Methodology Tutorial

In this article, you will get to know the details of agile software development.

Explain Agile Software Development in detail | Agile Methodology Tutorial

In this article, you will get to know the details of agile software development.

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software development is not a framework like others such as Kanban, scrum. It is an extreme program of Feature Driven Development (FDD). It is more of a practical approach such as planning, stand-ups, sprints, test-driven development, and proper planning sessions. Agile software development includes a set of frameworks, so it can be known as an umbrella term. The frameworks are purely based on the values and rules that are mentioned in the agile manifesto. The main focus of the agile approach is to focus on the people completing their work and how they are collaborating. It can only be functional with the help of a self-organizing team. Mostly the team starts their work on agile software development, then they focus on practicing team collaboration and organizing work. 

How can someone become a good Agile Developer?

The fundamental value an agile developer should have is to develop a sustainable product. The sustainability of the software is a good estimation and an effective branching strategy that helps in managing the code. The code is only executed by automated testing to safeguard the quality of the code and continuous development to get fast feedback from the users. The “iron triangle” is the one thing that developers should know in which the project scope, schedule, and quality development are mentioned. 

How to build a stress-free software release?

Success can only be achieved with the software when the working software is delivered to the customer. But sometimes, the software team is very terrible at the time of validating the completed bugs. The code review is also missing sometimes. 

Factors that help in building successful software:

  • Code Best practices: It helps the developers to deliver quality code. The code review is necessary before delivering the software to the customer, monitoring and fixing the build faster at the time of release.
  • Setup and maximize Jira Software’s release hub: The team aims to set up the Jira software’s release hub. It saves working hours by allowing the release hub to give a clear image of the status of the task and release updates.
  • Automation from build code to release: Everything is done is automation from the building code to review the new version from the release hub.

Why do code reviews matter?

Code review is an important part of software development because it gives the software to the customer. It helps the developer to learn the code base and be aware of all the technologies used in software development.

The exact meaning of reviewing the code is when the developer's team is done with the code fixing or bugs, other developers pay complete attention to the code and find the answers to a few questions:

  • Is there any other logical error in the code?
  • Are there any modules that are left incomplete?
  • Is the testing sufficient for the new code?
  • Is the new code conforming to current style guidelines?
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