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Dial-up connection

Jan 21, 2020 dial-up, 1588 Views
In this article you will learn about dial-up connection.

Dialup Networking

Dialup networking refers to a network connection that is established by dialling into the network through the public telephone system.

Dialup connections can be analog or digital. Analog connections involve the use of modem while the digital connections require end-to-end digital connectivity. Dialup networking technology provides PCs and other network devices access to a LAN or WAN via standard telephone lines. Dial up internet service providers offer subscription plans for home computer users. Dial up system utilize special-purpose network protocols like point-to-point protocol.

In dial up networking, both the client and the server have a standard modem. The client initiates the dial up connection using the modem. The connection to the server modem is made over public phone lines, and the server authenticates the user and the provides the configured access. The modems transfer network information over the telephone until one modem or the other disconnects.

Dialup connections can be classified as either terminal based or network-based.

  • A terminal-based dial up connection involves the use of special terminal emulation software, which makes the local system a terminal of the remote machine.

  • In a network-based dial up connection, special networking software transform the local machine into a networked node and provides it with the same capabilities of any other networked node exactly as if it were directly connected to a LAN.


The performance of dial up networking is relatively poor due to the limitations of traditional modem technology. Many home users are currently replacing their dial up service with high-speed broadband technologies that operate at much higher speeds.

Creating a Dial-up networking connection:-

Step 1. click start then computer panel.

Step 2. click network and internal then. Network and sharing center.

Step 3. click on the set up a new connection or network option.

Step 4. click on connect to the internet.

Step 5. click dial-up.

Step 6. Enter the service provider’s dial-up phone number in the dial-up phone number field. In the user name field type in your full email address allotted by the service provider. In the password field type in your password. For connection name, name your connection. Click the connect option to dial your new dial-up connection.

Step 7. Once connected you will see a THE CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET IS READY TO USE window. Click close.


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