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Cloud Computing - Future's backbone

Jul 15, 2019 Cloud Computing, 2397 Views
Why Cloud Computing is future's backbone to empower other technology

Why Cloud Computing is the future's backbone for technology?

Cloud Computing, every one of us has come across the word, in the field of technology be at surfing Google or surfing YouTube. It may be defined as an act to connect various remote servers and to use the data stored on it, on the go. In fact we too use cloud computing in our day to day activities, think of Google Drive or Microsoft's one drive, we store pictures, data, and many other things and whether or not the physical device is present or not, we can still access it from any part of the world, maintaining access to network.


Here I will discuss five ways in which Cloud Computing is making our life easy or may make it in the future, so let's get started.
  1. Cloud storage- We use cloud storage so much and thanks to Cloud Computing, we can store things and get our job done, irrespective of any place, you can use it on the go too, just like any physician storage device. This has made our life so easy to be at any time of day or night or any moment of the day.
  2. Cloud Management System or popularly known as CMS - How can we forget to the major contributions of Cloud in Management system. The management system helps us in serving a customer or patient information and services connected globally, from region to region or country to country, which not only makes life easy but experiencing technology at its best.
  3. Real-time requirement- Whenever we drive cars we love to use Maps, be at google maps or bing maps, the real-time analysis determines the best route on the go be at any part of the day.
  4. E-commerce services- We love to buy things or sell things online too, thanks to Cloud Computing, we can do that to the fullest be at home and away from it, what it needs is the decision, the data stored to customers helps at to reach the data globally and ready to be enquired.
  5. Back-up or Recovery - Well, how can we forget the best and important part of the cloud, which is the backup and recovery part of it. We can even store our data and retrieve it whenever it is required, such that we are not dependent on the system physically.

Cloud Computing serves as a backbone to every technology you use, even when you are reading this article, this is the power of technology. I believe it's just the beginning and it's just started to explore itself.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms