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Career Technologies you should know in 2020

This blog aims to demonstrate the technologies that one should know by 2020 to have a fruitful career

Technologies you should know in 2020

It is really important to get updated each and every time, whenever a new technology arrives because the world is changing so does the requirements for a specific IT role. At TutorialsLink we try very hard to make it true for our community members such that every single reader, who invest their precious time in reading should be benefited.

Here is a list of 5 important technologies that you as a student or professional developer should consider for :

  • DataScience
  • AI or Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • RPA ( Robotic Process Automation ) developer
  • Python developer

Now you must be asking why these 5 are important for anyone to learn by 2020, well we have decided upon a few criteria, namely

  • Job requirement for future
  • Average Salary
  • Scope

Why DataScience

"Data of today is Treasure for Tomorrow" - on sticking to this quote we would love to make you understand why is it so because whatever you use, be at Youtube, or shop at Amazon or Flipkart or watch series at Netflix or Hotstar defines you, your interest, your geographics interest, more likely they know you. Now think of this way you are not alone, so does the data, Data Science helps to understand data in a scientific way, to abstract more data information from raw.

Job requirement - According to IBM there will be an increment of 364,000 to 2720000 jobs by the year 2020 itself. Source

Average Salary - For starter - or entry-level it is $95000/yr. Source

Scope - As the requirement of data science increases the scope too expands because the generated is expanding every day, every hour, every second.

Why AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is empowering technology more likely future technology. To be AI-ready one must know Machine Learning, knowledge of Computer Vision with python development experience also adds to the requirement, and the list goes on.

Job requirement - There will be a ton of opportunities by the year 2020 itself, one with proper knowledge and experience, anyone can get the opportunity. Source

Average Salary - For starter - or entry-level it is $134135/yr. Source

Scope - Artificial Intelligence has much scope for 2020 and after, as every company is getting benefited directly or indirectly by AI.

Why Cloud Computing

The year 2019 has seen the expansion of Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing services like AWS or Azure or Alibaba Cloud and many more, thus there will be an absolute increment in Cloud Computing requirements.

Job Requirement - There are lots of opportunities for Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing services, and by the year 2020 every company will need administers for Cloud.

Average Salary - $137,957/ yr source

Scope - Well every future technology will need Cloud Computing as the backbone, clearly illustrating the need for one who is truly an expert.

Why RPA developer - Robotics Process Automation

Well for some the RPA is a new term, and for some, it is not. To be specific RPA is an emerging, i.e very fast emerging technology.2020 will itself speak for RPA and early starting to this wonderful career will not only help to get the expertise but also well-mannered salary in the small span of time, because of the emerging.

Job requirement - By 2020 92 % of European companies will be deployed RPA. Source.

Average salary - $84000 /yr Source

Scope - This emerging technology will open many positions in the near future, it is recommended that one should get ready and get certified by top companies to have a well-esteemed job for RPA.

Why Python Developer

This is a question that needs no explanation but to make sure each and every individual in empowered, let's get started. Python is a really powerful tool for data science, ML, Computer vision, and even desktop applications that supports various technologies and even future technologies, being a python developer is really recommended for to have a quality career.

Job requirement - Well being a python developer it will empower you to be in Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Science and many more. Source

Average Salary - $110,021 Source.

Scope - Well Python developer will empower future technologies and the technologies that are being used. Being a Python Developer is well appreciated in the IT domain and segment.

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