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Can You Delete Your Skype Account?

Here In this article, I will tell you how to delete your skype account?

Want to delete your skype account:

if you are too finding a way through which you can delete your skype account then I must say now you can relax. You have landed on the right page to get your solution. Here in this article, I will tell you how to do this? I will tell you all the possible steps through which you can remove /hide/temporarily inactive your skype account.

Although it is possible to delete your skype permanent account as we all know skype accounts are automatically connected with your Microsoft team account so if you log out or delete your skype account it will remove your Microsoft account. Unfortunately if you 

Will delete one account you will have to lose the other one too and Microsoft team has disappeared the system of unlinking the skype account from Microsoft account but don't worry there are another few ways through which you can make your skype account invisible from others and your IDs will not be visible anymore read the whole article till the end and don’t skip anything in between. 

How to hide your profile from the Skype search bar? 

Now if you had made your decision to no longer using the skype account so there is a way through which your profile will exist it will not be removed or deleted but when someone puts your id, location, phone number, or name your profile will not be shown in the list of all names you can do this amazing process by following the few steps here you go with the steps.

Steps to hind profile from skype search bar:

  1. For this you have to go on your skype account profile for going to your profile section your email id must be signed in if it is then good but if not make sure you have logged in with your previously used id  
  2. Scroll down to get an option of APPER INSEARCH RESULT AND SUGGESTIONS
  3. The box will be having a tick but you have to untick the box unticking here means that you are taking the permission back so that none of the people putting your information in search can see your profile. After this skype won’t show your profile to anyone in the search bar neither in suggestion to others
  4. This was the whole process of Can you delete your skype account?

Do we hope this article will help you in solving your question or not? what are your thoughts on the same was this article helpful? Do let us know in the comment section.

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