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A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms


Feb 05, 2020 Cloud Computing, Cloud, 1469 Views
Learn about various Cloud Service providers



Cloud services are the future, as remote hardware access is the new innovation, that enables the user to carry low power devices to work as the high-power devices which are bulky and usually too many resources to run as intended, which makes them a heavy cost on ergonomics.

A counter to this problem was cloud services, which enable high computing power devices accessed by pocketable devices through networking. Since this breakthrough, the demand for higher bandwidth networking has risen, and researchers have been able to achieve latency close to what a wired connection offers, like 5G, which enables companies like Alibaba to offer remote cloud services.

Alibaba’s cloud services (Aliyun), offers one of the best integrations along with these services. This was briefly discussed in my earlier article. This enabled me to explore others offering the same services, but none could achieve the same level of polish that ‘Aliyun’ offers.

These services help access to the hardware that could not be acquired as a standalone unit by an individual, this enables a novice to test/ operate and manage their workflow better by “renting” the hardware.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is another great provider for these kinds of services.

They have a wider acceptance range as they offer support in more countries and have been the most preferred choice for these services as they have been in this more time than any other rival.

Also, Microsoft is great provider too, they have recently secured a contract with the American government for the same, which increases the trust on their security, as they offer more features than any other rival could, also due to the fact that they are the developers of the most widely used operating system in the world (Windows).

These benefits give Microsoft a unique advantage over others, which offers more convenience to the user, thus creating a seamless workflow. Thus, reducing time wasted and increasing efficiency, which is the priority when considering cloud services.

But considering that these services are not included in the free tier, Aliyun has a great advantage to others offering the same services. Since Aliyun offers a trial for their services, which helps to set up the feasibility of the workflow. Thus, negotiating the fact of whether the workflow suits this kind of setup, without paying the fees.


A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms