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Big Data on Cloud

Aug 03, 2019 Big Data, Cloud, Cloud Computing, 2078 Views
Cloud enthalpy on Big data

Big Data on the cloud is very beneficial for companies. There are various business benefits of the cloud as it is faster, cheaper, flexible and easier to keep up to date. A well-implemented cloud environment can help the companies into many forms especially since it makes big data analytics more impactful than ever.

The methodology

Cloud provides vertical scaling to achieve elasticity by adding up instances to meet the demands. Especially software likes Hadoop which is specially designed as a distributed system to take the full advantage of vertical scaling. The distributed system also helps to serve as data stores like NoSQL databases like Hbase, Cassandra or file system like Hadoop HDFS file system.

Cloud big data projects focus on scaling or adopting Hadoop for distributed processing. As for Hadoop, we require a higher amount of ram to do data processing at a rapid speed. Big data processing software Spark which is a fast and general processing engine compatible with Hadoop data. It is an in-memory processing system and it executes the query by 100x if the data is in the memory and up to 10x if it is in the stored on disk. So, it requires lots of memory to perform efficiently. Cloud computing fulfills this requirement at a cheaper rate for a company than building systems with those requirements.




A cloud service provider offers Hadoop clusters that scale automatically to meet the demand of the customer. This service provides maximum performances for large jobs on Hadoop clusters and optimal savings with little and no processing going on. Google Cloud Platform and Azure, for example, allow scaling of Hadoop clusters, but scaling is not automatic but requires user actions.


Big data in the cloud brings out new challenges like security, data privacy. So, that's why it is important to build a solid governance plan into your cloud solution. We are entering an age where cloud technology is starting to become a necessity.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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