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Big Data Visualization

Aug 21, 2019 Big Data, Big Data Visualization, 1818 Views
In this article, we will discuss the visualization of big data

Data visualization is a term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data.

Big data visualization involves the presentation of data in any type of graphical format to makes it easy to understand. But it is not just about the histograms and pie charts it is about the more complex representation like heat maps, fever charts. It helps the decision-makers to explore data sets to identify unexpected patterns.

Big data visualization relies on powerful computer systems to take the raw corporate data and process it into some graphical form that allows humans to understand the vast amount of data within seconds.

Importance of Big Data Visualization

The data created by the corporate world is increasing rapidly each year. The problem for business is that the data is important if valuable information can be extracted from it. Big data visualization is not the only way for decision-makers to analyze data but also big data visualization techniques offer an effective way to:

  • Review large amounts of data - Data represented in the graphical format helps the decision-maker to understand the large amounts of data within seconds far more quickly than examine from the spreadsheets or analyzing numerical tables.
  • Identify correlations and unexpected relationships -The biggest advantage of data visualization is to help the user to not only find the answer to the question but also to discover the unexpected insights that can data reveal. This can be achieved by adding or removing the data sets, changing scales, removing outliers, and changing visualization types.

Challenges Of Big Data Visualization

  • Data Quality - The information can only be extracted from Big Data Visualization are only as accurate as data that is being visualized.
  • Availability of visualization specialists - Big data visualization tools are designed are not complex and it is easy enough for anyone in the organization to use but to get the most of some tools it is necessary to appoint a specialist in big data visualization techniques to ensure the data is exploited to the maximum.
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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