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Angular DevTools Overview | Download Angular DevTools

In this post, you'll see an overview of Angular DevTools and the way to download Angular DevTools for Google Chrome.

Team Angular recently released Angular Dev Tools for Google Chrome as an extension.

What is Angular DevTools?

Angular DevTools is a Chrome DevTools extension. Now with this Chrome extension, you can inspect the structure of your applications and profile their performance.

How to use Angular DevTools?

First, you have to install Angular Dev Tools from the Chrome Web Store.

Once you are ready with Angular DevTools you can start your angular application with "npm start" or "ng serve" and in your chrome browser you can inspect your application with Angular DevTools.

For more details I would suggest you check this official video:

Features of Angular DevTools

In its current release, Angular DevTools focuses on:

  • Visualization of the component structure

For more details you can refer to this reference blog:


Download Angular DevTools

Here is the link below from where you can directly add Angular Devtools to your Chrome:

Download Now

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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