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What’s inside the new “iPhone 11 Series”

Apple officially unveiled three new iPhone varients for the year 2019. Continuing the series the iPhone's varients are iphone11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These iPhones are set to go on sale later this month. Apple has made a design change as far as the camera setup is concerned and added a new powerful processor to boost the performance of these three new iPhones. Here’s everything – prices, availability, features – that you need to know about the three new Apple iPhones.

What’s inside the new “iPhone 11 Series”


Apple has just launched I Phone 11, I Phone 11 pro, and I Phone 11. In this article, we will be discussing about the new feature in the iPhone, the additional features in the I Phone and what Apple has enhanced  in the device:

1. Talking about the body, the whole phone is made by metal which makes it more durable.

2. The phone has a Matt glass finish on the front and back.

3. The i Phone not only comes with the old Space grey, Silver, and Gold Finish colours but also comes with a new “Midnight green” which is very fascinating.

4. Also, the company claims that the i Phone 11 series has the toughest glass screen as compared to the screen available in smart phone industry.

5. Additionally, the device comes with “IP 68 protection” according to which the device can go deep upto 4 meters under the water and can survive for 30 minutes.

6. I Phone 11 series comes with an OLED screen. The i Phone 11 pro has a screen size of 5.8 inches while the I Phone 11 pro max has a screen size of 6.5 inches.

7. The company also highlighted that the device has a full HDR Display and 458 pixel capacity.

8. The peak brightness of the device is 1200 Nits which makes the device display extremely good.

9. To compensate the unavailability of 3D touch, the device offers haptic touch.

10. The A13 bionic chip gives you an out of the world experience. It is capable of doing 1 trillion operations per second. This A13 biochip is 20% faster than the older A12 bionic chip.

11. The New neural engine improves the I Phone in many ways.

12.  4-5 hrs more battery capacity. The device has improved its battery life as compared to the older versions of I Phones. The I Phone 11 pro has an improved battery life of 4 hrs over I Phone XS while the I Phone 11 pro max has an improved battery life of 5 hours than I Phone 11 XS Max.

13. The all new i Phone comes with 3 rear cameras in a triangular setup.

14. All the 3 cameras are of 12 megapixels each. The primary wide camera is of f1.8, the second one has f2.4 which is 120 degree wide, and the third camera has f2 and optical 2X.

15. It comes with 4K 60 fps (frames per second) video recording from each of the back cameras.

16. The I Phone 11 has a new “Night mode” which can help you click beautiful photos in the dark.

17. Also, it has a new “Auto audio boost” which automatically boosts the volume according to the surroundings.

18. The Front also has a 12Megapixels camera with 4K 60 fps video recording.

19. You can create as well as edit videos on the go with the IOS 13 video editor.

20.  “Deep Fusion photos” is a new feature in the phone 11.

21. The company has improved the “Face unlock speed” as well as the “Face unlock angle.”

22. Both I Phone 11 pro and I Phone 11 pro max will be available in 3 variants i.e. 64gb ROM, 256gb ROM, and 512gb ROM.

23. The base price of I Phone 11 and I Phone 11 pro in India is claimed to be Rs. 99,900, and Rs. 1,09,900 respectively.

24. According to the announcements, the device will be available in India from 27th September 2019 onwards.

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