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Microsoft introduces its New Feature in “OneDrive”

The new features introduced by the Microsoft 365

This year everything is virtually connected whether Our jobs, Our meetings, Our child’s school, and social gathering. The pandemic brings our life on digital platforms. To access remotely everything, we need the right apps which make us active and also secure our data on digital platforms. Not only for office purposes but we also need an appropriate application to stay connected with our family and friends.

Our files one the most important part through which you are connected with your work. To keep your files aligned in an organized way Microsoft introduced the new fruitful feature in “OneDrive”.

It brings the change in your life in many ways. The question mostly asked by your teammates, colleagues are when you shared this file or where I can find that particular file. With the OneDrive you can keep all the shared files at the same place that are the part of your Microsoft Team. Now you don’t need to scroll here and there to find out when and with whom you had shared that file.

Another interesting feature is that you can flexibly work with the shared content in a way that you own the files. It means you can easily share the content with security on it if required. The admin controller means who shared the file have full control to give permissions according to himself. If you don’t give any specific permission than a public view will rollout by default.

It is included with the Microsoft 365 office subscription. It is simply for Microsoft Teams as it becomes a central remote workspace everywhere. It will be going to introduced after July. Now, don’t need to worry more about your sharing files record.