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Introducing Azure Synapse Link | MS Build 2020

Microsoft Introducing Azure Synapse Link in MS Build 2020

processing (HTAP). The background of innovation of Azure Synapse Link was the various boundaries in enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics which were first tried removing through the Azure Analytics in November 2019. But there were several other barriers carried forwarded which attracts the cost and complex HTAP implementation.
Azure Synapse Link has the capability to trash the barriers between Azure Operational Database services and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Key take-aways:

  • Enable real-time data analytics
  • No ETL required
  • No performance impact on the database

Some other great announcements are:

  • Accelerating enterprise app development with Power Platform
  • Various enhancements in Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Codespaces is coming to GitHub
  • .Net 5 Preview 4 released