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Dyson's new air purifiers arrive in the Indian market, know what makes them unique from the rest

Dyson released its new range of air purifiers in India, read the article to know the features

Why should we buy these air purifiers? 

Dyson has unveiled two new air purifiers in India including Dyson Purifier Cool and Pure Hot + Cool variants. These air purifiers are launched keeping in mind the upcoming winter season as during this season the demand for air purifiers often rises in the market. 

Image Courtesy: NBC News

The air purifiers come with a handful of features that are quite useful as compared to the previous versions of Dyson Purifiers. The air purifiers are has a completely sealed HEPA 13 filtration process and are capable of filtering PM 2.0, PM10, Voc, and NO2 from the air. According to the company the new air purifiers are capable of cleaning 99.95 impurities from the air.

When it comes to price you'll be happy to know that these fantastic Dyson air Purifiers are available from Rs 45,900 to Rs 55,900. These air purifiers are said to produce less noise as compared to Dyson's previous air purifier range. A sleek and compact remote controller will also be given with these air purifiers to control the device. 

Alongside this, you can also control the device using the voice assistant tool Alexa and Siri. It is also capable of rotating in the direction in which the air flows. These air purifiers are currently available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other similar e-commerce sites and can be purchased from there.