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C# Multiple Choice Questions And Answers

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6. Which of the following is incorrect about constructors?

  • Defining of constructors can be implicit or explicit.
  • The calling of constructors is explicit.
  • Implicit constructors can be parameterized or parameterless.
  • Explicit constructors can be parameterized or parameterless.

7. Reference is a ___.

  • Copy of class which leads to memory allocation.
  • Copy of class that is not initialized.
  • Pre-defined data type.
  • Copy of class creating by an existing instance.

8. The data members of a class by default are?

  • protected, public
  • private, public
  • private
  • public

9. What is the value returned by function compareTo( ) if the invoking string is less than the string compared?

  • Zero
  • A value of less than zero
  • A value greater than zero
  • None of the mentioned

10. The correct way to overload +operator?

  • public sample operator +  (sample a, sample b)
  • public abstract operator +  (sample a, sample b)
  • public static operator +  (sample a, sample b)
  • all of the mentioned above