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What is Xamarin ?

This article briefs about the #Xamarin and how one can work with it

Pre-requisite Knowledge

Before we start with the understanding of Xamarin, we should know-

  1. HTML/ XML Familiarity
  2. A little knowledge of .NET and C#
  3. For the Hands-On, we’ll need a mobile device or a good performance GPU, for creating virtual Device(s)

Introduction of Xamarin | What is Xamarin?

Before getting to what is Xamarin, let me share a little history of Xamarin. It was founded in 2011 May, by the engineers who created Mono (Xamarin.Android-> Formerly Mono for Android). Since 2-16 February 04, Xamarin is owned by Microsoft.

Xamarin is an open-source, free, and cross-platform application development platform to build Android and Windows Applications. So with just a C# Code, one can easily write an actual native Android & iOS Applications.

Why should we use Xamarin?

According to Microsoft Documentation:

  1. It is a base framework made on top of .NET to access native features of different OS
  2. Beautiful frontend designed in XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language)
  3. Availability of platform-specific libraries
  4. Perform a full ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation on apps to reduce startup time, increase memory sharing, and improve performance.
  5. One-Stop solution for a cross-platform application development

What are the software prerequisites for getting started?

Now let’s build a Hello- World! Application

  • Start Visual Studio (in my case present build: vs2019)
  • Click on Create New Project
  • Search for "Xamarin" in the Search box on top and then select "Mobile App (Xamarin.Forms)"
  • Let’s give our App a Name
  • Select a Blank App Template.
  • In Xamarin.Forms App, the Shared Code resides under, [AppName]-> xaml.
  • Currently, I'll be running a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) run to test the App, though in the End there are some Android Screenshots too...
  • Let's make a little change in the XAML file (the Front End UI)
  • Let's run the App by Clicking on theLocal Machine Button, make sure to select the [AppName].UWP from the Startup Project.

  • Change the Label text to "Hello World, This is my First Xamarin App!!!"

  • Now Let's Run the App Again
  • Hurrah!! We've successfully created our First Xamarin Mobile App...
  • Note: For Xamarin for Mac Users, if we want to deploy your Application to Apple iPhone, then we`ll need a Mac Device for Development...
    Android App ScreenShot-


In this article, we have learned about:

    1. Xamarin
    2. Creating our first application “HelloWorld” in Xamarin
A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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