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What are the features of the R programming language?

Nov 17, 2021 RLanguage, Programming, 173 Views
In this article, you will understand the features of the R language, the advantages of using the R language, and In which career option it is most appropriate to learn.

What are the features of the R programming language? 

The features of the R programming language:

  • It is procedural as well as an object-oriented language. It contains all the features of the procedural language like method calls, files, and modules. At the same time, it has the features of the object-oriented language also. 
  • Packages help in assembling the R functions into a unit that turns up in one product. 
  • R language may be an interpreted language. Hence can be used in the command-line interpreter. 
  • Observing data, variables labels, transferring data, and database types are the features of the R programming language. 

Advantages of R Language:

  • It is an open-source language. Anyone can learn the language and make changes in the software code.
  • It can reduce the computation time of statistical analysis. 
  • It is free to use. Any person can use it any time, make changes and promote the code under the GNU license. 
  • It is a cross-platform language. R is operable in all the operating systems. 
  • Packages like bug repairs and program enhancement are also available. 
  • The statistician discovered the R language. So, the terminologies used in the language are based on statistics only.
  • It is easy to understand and learn the language with all the fundamentals of statistics. 
  • If the user is well-versed with the statistics, it's not a solid language to learn and work.

In which career option the R language is more appropriate? 

Anyone can learn with their own will. Here, we only discuss who is the appropriate audience to learn the R language in professional concerns. 

  • Data Analyst: It would be the best option for a data analyst. Most data researchers prefer the R language over another language to write the algorithms or their implementations scripts. 
  • Data Scientist: Great option for the data scientist. R language has been used in several ways in data science, like Data visualization, validating the outcomes, Data processing, Segregating Data into the testing set, and much more. 
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