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Google Cloud Partner

Jul 30, 2020 Google Cloud, Google Cloud Partner, 855 Views
Google Cloud Partner | Steps to partner with Google

Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud Partner is a program provided by Google. This program is introduced for the companies that want to become with Google Cloud. Google Cloud trained their partner's advisors to help the partners and grow their business with google. This program is the most effective and engaging way to partner with Google. They introduce new expertise based on new technology/ products, priority workloads, and many more. You can effectively communicate with these experts.

How you can partner with Google?

You need to follow the few steps to part with Google:

  • Visit the Google Partner Website.
  • Go for “Join Google Partner”, then press on “Join Now”
  • It is mandatory for you to have admin access to your company’s manager account to sign up with Google Cloud Partner. If you don’t have admin access, it’ll show an error message.
  • Review the terms of service and disclaimer, then click on the Accept and continue.
  • Choose the Google Ads manager account that presents your company.
  • Enter the name of your company, badged website, and the location of the company.
  • Now, click on the save.

You’ll be redirected to google ads account and all the features will be visible to you.

If you are looking for an in-depth solution and service, then you can choose a partner with specialization and expertise. If you choose a partner with a specialization that means you are connected with an expert on google cloud. These organizations can have multiple assessments, have a proper business plan for investment, and employ a certified expert. Under expertise, it will define how you can get customer success based on the set of requirements.

Under this Google Cloud Partner Program, there are multiple stories you can learn and get more information from there. Attaching the stories link below:


Read the success stories. If you want to partner with Google Cloud, these stories will definitely help you.


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