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Samsung Tablet Burns Hole In Bed While Charging - 5 Things to Prevent Your Phone From Heating and Exploding

This is not the first time we are reading a piece of news like this. Read on the article to prevent yourself from becoming the next headline.

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK: A young lad, Callum Hewkin had taken his Samsung Tablet into his room at night to watch a programme but he didn’t know he was being called by a fatal accident. The next morning he woke up next to a hole in his bedding and mattress caused due to overnight charging of his Samsung Tablet. Fire crews highlighted that the incident could have been fatal for the family, but luckily he was all right.




  • Prevent your phone from dropping and damaging the battery


Everything will work fine so long as you are dealing with a healthy battery. One problem that can negatively affect a battery’s health is physical damage from drops. A drop can change the internal mechanical or chemical structure of the battery.  If you can see Swelling, Deformation, frequent unexplainable overheating, consider replacing it.


  • Always use original data cables and adaptors


Trust me, Gaffar Market and Nehru Place are okay if you are willing to keep cheap and fake products over your health. Always go for original cables and adaptors. ALWAYS.


  • Do not overcharge any smartphone, tablet or any lithium-ion battery device


When a battery has no way to reroute the incoming current after reaching its capacity then overnight charging becomes a problem.


  • Never keep your phone under direct sunlight


The most significant threat to your lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery is HEAT. The temperature at which a battery is capable of receiving a charge - is 32° to 113℉. Meanwhile, lithium-based batteries can discharge at temperatures as low as -4℉. Fast- charging technologies work best at warmer temperatures between 41° and 113℉, with no charge capable of occurring when the temperature is lower than 32℉.  


  • Never keep your phone near flammable surfaces like furniture, bedding.


Only in case, if you are unlucky and something happens, always try to keep a distance between your charging phone and flammable surfaces to prevent a more fatal situation. Never exert external pressure while it is charging. Not even your pillow.



image credits : dailymail