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Over 10,000 mobile devices have been infected with malware named 'Teabot.'

Over 10,000 mobile users have been updated with the new malware dubbed "Teabot" that was discovered online.

Cybercrime is increasing rapidly in the world. Every day big companies are becoming victims of cybercrime and ransomware. Now a new name has been included in this que. Recently security researchers have discovered a new malware that is stealing people's credentials and SMS messages, this malware is available on Google Play Store and till now many people have installed this malware from Google Play Store.

                                        Image source: Hack Read 



Known as 'Teabot', this malware is an Android banking Trojan that was first discovered in 2021. This malware steals people's text messages and extracts huge amounts from people's bank accounts.

According to the Threat Intelligence and Incident Response (TIR) ​​team, an application on the Google Play Store is helping to distribute 'Teabot' across devices.

So far, about 10,000 mobile devices have become victims of this malware. However, the name of this app has not been shared by the security researchers yet. At present, security researchers are busy investigating this matter and will soon solve this matter and share further details among the people. Let me tell you that this malware named 'Teabot' is also available in languages ​​like Russian, Slovak, and Mandarin Chinese. Hence, 'Teabot' is also a big threat to Russian, Slovakian and Chinese citizens.