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Become Atmanirbhar with “Make in India” programme

How to Become Atmanirbhar with the “Make in India” programme.

What is Atmanirbhar with the “Make in India” programme?

'Make in India' is a major initiative of the Government of India which have been identified to give encouragement to entrepreneurship in India, not only in manufacturing but also to other sectors designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development, protect intellectual property and build best in class manufacturing infrastructure in the country.

Atmanirbhar with the “Make in India” programme

The projects that are part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative are:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Automobile components
  3. Aviation
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Chemicals
  6. Construction
  7. Defence manufacturing
  8. Electrical Machinery
  9. Electronic systems
  10. Food Processing
  11. Information technology and business process management
  12. Leather
  13. Media & Entertainment
  14. Mining
  15. Oil & Gas
  16. Pharmaceuticals
  17. Ports & Shipping
  18. Railways
  19. Renewable Energy
  20. Roads & Highways
  21. Space
  22. Textiles & Garments
  23. Thermal Power
  24. Tourism & Hospitality
  25. Wellness

Ever since the initiative was unmasked, a plethora of deals and announcements have been made to strengthen the manufacturing base in the country.