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ZopSmart Interview Experience

Dec 17, 2020 Interview experience, 4544 Views
ZopSmart SDE Interview Experience(On-Campus)

Round 1(Online Round ): This was an MCQ round that was different from Coding. That round was having MCQs approx 45-50 which was covering all the C, C++, and HTML, CSS, JS, DBMS, and OS concepts. Some MCQs was having code snippets and we were expected to answer the output of them.

After Clearing that First round there were 3 technical interviews(depending upon candidate ability maybe they will reduce by 1).

There will be 2 mandatory technical interviews.

Technical Round 1: The interviewer was very friendly, and he started my interview with my introduction and about my project. Then he asked about my coding ability. He asked me 2-3 coding questions.

  • I don’t remember the exact questions but I have done so much GFG and leetcode so you can easily do that.
  • Basically, the questions were focusing on two pointer technique and sorting.
  • Few questions on basic DS and Algo terms like sorting, searching, heaps, and graphs.
  • Then a few key terms on core subjective topics like OS and DBMS and OOPS.
  • Out of 11 appearing candidates, only 7 were able to clear it.

Technical Round 2: The questions were asked as follows:-

  • That interviewer was also very soft-spoken and very helping in nature.
  • He asked me to implement the selection sort Algorithm.
  • He asked me to design the elevator(using DFS). I just told him the approach not implemented.
  • He asked many questions related to Networking like the OSI model and Layers. And various things in deep DBMS like demoralization, etc.
  • Then he asked me a coding question at the end, I was given a string having lower and uppercase characters, and then he told me to check if it was a palindrome string or not.

Out of 7appearing candidates, only 4 were able to qualify for the next round. And I was one of them.


Tip: This company more focuses on problem-solving abilities, so be prepared with DS and Algorithms for clearing the interviews.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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