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What is Cmdlet ?

Nov 14, 2021 PowerShell, Cmdlet, 2997 Views
Learn about Cmdlet

What is Cmdlet ?

In this article we will learn about :

  • What is Cmdlet?
  • Difference between Cmdlet and Command

After you have learned about PowerShell and PowerShellISE, now since it is the beginning the basics should be clear. This article will not only provide knowledge about Cmdlet but also let you know about the difference between Cmdlet and Command.

What is Cmdlet?

Cmdlet which is pronounced as CommandLet is a lightweight command used in PowerShell environment, these are invoked by PowerShell within the automation scripts, these are also invoked through PowerShell API. It performs an action and returns the .NET object to the next command, which is in pipeline. It also participates in the pipeline semantics of PowerShell. The cmdlet to process records, overrides one or more of the input processing methods.

Difference between Cmdlet and Command

  • Cmdlets process works on objects and not on text stream.
  • Cmdlet objects can be passed as output for the pipeline.
  • Cmdlet's are the instances of .NET framework classes.
  • Cmdlet's are record-oriented
  • Cmdlets do not generally do their own parsing, error presentation, or output formatting.



A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms

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