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What is Azure SignalR?

Aug 15, 2020 Azure, Nitin Pandit , Azure SignalR, 1782 Views
What is Azure SignalR | Azure SignalR Service

Azure SignalR

In this article we will cover:

  • What is Azure SignalR?
  • How Azure SignalR can be used?
  • Benefits of Azure SignalR Service.
  • How to use Azure SignalR Service?
  • Resources.

What is Azure SignalR?

Azure SignalR allows service to push a content update, such as a single-page web or mobile application. In short, it makes the process easy of adding real-time web functionality over HTTP, which in return users are updates without the need to poll the server.

How Azure SignalR can be used?

Azure SignalR Service can be used in many ways, some of them are as follows:

  • Collaborative Applications.
  • IoT and Connected devices.
  • Automation.
  • Push Notification.
  • High-Frequency Data Updates.
  • Chat.
  • Real-Time Location on Map.

Benefits of Azure SignalR service.

Benefits of Azure SignalR as follows:

  • Handles large scale client connections.
  • Broad client Support.
  • Removes burden to self-host SignalR
  • Rich API

How to use Azure SignalR Service?

  • Azure SignalR provides REST API to enable the application to post commands to clients connected with SignalR service.
  • Building serverless real-time apps in languages such as JavaScript, Java, C#.
  • Integration capability with ASP.NET Core to scale-out connections.







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