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What is Azure DataBricks ?

May 14, 2020 Azure, Microsoft Azure, SubhamRay, 3502 Views
Azure DataBricks | What is Azure DataBricks | Introduction to Azure DataBricks

Azure DataBricks in Short Details

Content to be covered

  1. Apache Spark Based Analytics Platform
  2. Apache Spark in Azure DataBricks
  3. Enterprise Security
  4. Integration with Azure Services
  5. Integration with PowerBI


Microsoft Azure provides a cloud-based platform service known as Azure DataBricks which is an Apache Based Analytics Platform. It provides an interactive workspace that enables collaboration between Data Scientist, Data Engineers, and Business Analyst.

Apache Spark Based Analytics Platform

Spark in Azure DataBricks includes the following components:

  • Spark SQL and Data Frame
  • Streaming
  • MLlib
  • GraphX
  • Spark Core API

Apache Spark in Azure Databricks

The DataBrick build on the spark provides a zero management cloud platform that includes:

  1. Fully managed Spark Clusters
  2. An interactive workspace for exploration and visualization
  3. A platform for powering Spark Based Applications.

Enterprise Security

Azure DataBricks provides enterprise-grade Azure Security.

  • Integration with Azure Active Directory enables to run complete Azure Based solutions using Azure DataBricks
  • Enterprise-Grade SLA's.
  • Azure DataBricks' role-based access enables fine-grained user permission for notebooks, clusters, jobs, and data.

Integration with Azure Services

It deeply provides seamless integration with Azure DataBase and stores be at, SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage, and Blob Storage.

Integration with Power BI

You can use the BI tools as well, such as Tableau Software via JDBC/ODBC cluster endpoints.

A to Z Full Forms and Acronyms