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In this article, we will learn about the Cloud Service provider - Alibaba Cloud


Cloud Computing has made a major role in introducing today's technology. Thus choosing the right technology service provider for Cloud Computing has made us into consideration. While choosing the right service provider for Cloud computing and other services are in great need and there is some point where we need to emphasis while making the decision. In this article, we will learn why Alibaba Cloud could be your better option.

First thing, What if I am a student and obviously I don't want to spend much money from my pocket to learn a technology, so what should I do?

Well, In this scenario Alibaba has a major playable role in demonstrating helping students to a way of leading things that not only help them further but to gather resources them too. Here are some of the Alibaba Student benefit links and services:

The above were the major solution to the problems to the student community faces and indeed the solutions are very well organized in such a way that it empowers each and every student in a way that they can serve the society in a well-mannered way to make things ready for future technology powered by Alibaba Cloud.

The second most important thing is that, what are the services that Alibaba Cloud Services provide?

The services that Alibaba provides is par with other service providers, to help us in understanding, in brief, let's take a real example, what if Alibaba Cloud vs Google Cloud.

  services Alibaba Cloud  Google Cloud Platform
Container Management Service
Micro Services App Development Platform
Virtual Private Servers -
Relational Database Management Service
Database Migration Services -
Automated Disaster Recovery Services  - 
Notification Services


The above was a comparison between Alibaba Cloud Service Provider and Google Cloud Platform, one can choose between the needs and may refers to their original reference.


There are always many aspects in choosing the right service provider for the Cloud Computing Service, which may not have been covered, while this article mainly focuses on the Student Benefit and major services provided by Alibaba, thus concluding that the need for some resources and services may change the service provider option.