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React Vs React Native

In this article, we'll discuss on How is React Different from React Native?

How is React Different from React Native | React Vs React Native

Before starting the points about the difference between React and React Native, there is a general intro for both. React is also called ReactJS or React.js, which is a JavaScript library used for rendering of UI components and it supports both the front or back end. React Native is a framework used for building a native mobile application. So, we can say the syntax and workflow are similar but apart from that their component is different.

There is some notable difference, such as:

  • React is a JavaScript library whereas React Native is a framework.
  • Consists of libraries that React is used for creating user-interface while React Native is used for creating a mobile application.
  • For building UI, React uses CSS component while React Native uses StyleSheet.
  • React code is the single piece of code that runs everywhere whereas React Native is run only on a specific platform such as Android, IOS, Windows and their design code are platform-specific.
  • For Navigation, React uses React Router while React Native uses a third-party library for it.
  • In React, the code is rendered through VDOM whereas React Native uses Native API for rendering components for mobile.
  • For Development Process, React is not a framework that why it uses third-party library tools while React Native doesn’t require any tools.
  • For Animation, React uses CSS, and React Native uses animated API.
  • For app development, React use HTML whereas React Native uses JSX for rendering UI.
  • React provides High Security compare to React Native.

React is perfect for building dynamic, high performing, responsive UI for the web interfaces, while React Native is intended to give portable applications a local feel.

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