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Java as a Future Technology for 2018

what is the Future Scope of Java Technology,

As the new year has arrived, so a lot of predictions have been made for the technical world, including Java. The tech-savvies of the industry are expecting so many technical changes in the coming year.  It is true as well that this year will bring new concepts and platforms for the technical professionals.

Java experts like Java CTO, John Duimovich, and IBM engineer has also predicted the Java future and gave their thoughts on the technology, which are discussed below in this article.

As per the experts, a few of the existing languages and concepts of the Java platform will bring a boom in the technology and some other may affect the market as well. So, let us see that which of the existing concepts will remain in future and will take over the Java world?

A list of concepts that will take over the Java world in near future

1). Eclipse will Still bloom

Eclipse Foundation will be highlighted more this year, along with its key projects like MicroProfile and EE4J. As the open community has been involved much in Java and its related projects, so it has brought an accelerated innovation for the language. Java developers will keep an eye on Eclipse this year in 2018. So, we can say that this year Eclipse will be a key platform for Java developers and many projects will be developed through this.

2). Accelerated container convergence

Containers and runtime utilitieshave made the development and management quite easier for the Java professionals and made the Java applications tightly coupled. Even containers can be optimized so that they can bring seamless management and configurations for the Java applications.

The easier wiring and consistent memory management between the Java containers and constructs provide a number of benefits to the Java developers. They can design or develop the efficient and leveraging Java applications. Java runtime is just another form of Java containers through which the tightly coupled Java applications can be developed.

3). Kotlin next upcoming Java Language

Kotlin is popular from last many years among Java developers and they are using it for a plenty of major Java applications. Concise coding syntax and the compatibility of Kotlin with Java has made it popular among Java developers. Now in the new version of Kotlin, there is a feature due to which it will also support Android, which in turn itself a popular platform for mobile technology, so we can say that in 2018, Kotlin will grasp the Java world and many applications of Java will use it as the base.

4). Faster Innovation through New Release Model

Java or Oracle keep on launching new features in every six months for Java, which is quite faster. Such frequent and faster changes in the technology mean a lot for business organizations and developers both. Java has the solution to every problem, so the applications can be developed in this language for small, medium or large enterprises. Through Java, even new problems can be solved by the newly introduced features of Oracle so even new technical concepts can be incorporated in Java applications.

Not only small but large organizations as well can use the newly launched and even the old Java features and implement their business logic in a well-versed manner. As the language has the community support so whenever a new feature is launched by the organization, a complete solution of each and every problem is taken out and the feature is utilized by the developers.

5). Serverless Concept will reshape Java

There is a huge demand for serverless platforms. Initially, the serverless concept emerged as a consumption model, but it is being expanded from a simple and event programming model to a flow-based composite model. As cloud developers want to shift their focus to the application and they need not worry about servers. The developers can easily use this concept and make the project faster and optimized.

Java runtimes need to be optimized and they need to be re-designed and re-developed for this new serverless world. Newly add-on features of Java bring a drastic change in platform and can make the projects even efficient and compatible with almost each and every newly emerged technology.

As per industry experts, Java future will steadily develop in coming years with many new concepts and directions. Many new concepts of this technology like hibernating; spring and Java EE will again stabilize the market and bring a drastic change in the world of Java developers.

In the coming time, there are many new concepts which will emerge in this technology like IoT, DevOps, Java, Mobile, Cloud etc. There is a plenty of scope in this technology to grow; the technology will introduce new features from cloud to DevOps to IoT. Use of such technologies will provide much security and features to the organizations.

In 2018, there will be more automation and specific to mobile and cloud technologies. New versions and features of Java may bring several changes to the Java applications. Even the Java programmers may have to learn these new concepts to become a proficient programmer and as a result of which they can become future-ready for this platform.

As Oracle is bringing continuous changes every day so as the developers need to update their concepts and knowledge so that they can be aware of the new features and develop the industry related business apps.

Final Words:

As far as Java is concerned,this is a future-oriented programming language for decades. The launch of new features and compatibility with each and every platform has been the key factor for the Java popularity.

Java has been on boon and its support to every platform and availability of skilled Java developers are the reasons due to which maximum business organizations use it for their products.

Java has brought a number of new concepts in which the most important one is the security of applications. So, even in coming years as the business organizations want to make their applications more secure, Java will be the primary requirement by the serious users.