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Introduction of Oracle Code One - New and Improved Version of JavaOne

May 11, 2018 javaone, oracle code one, java, , 1618 Views
JavaOne is gone! Don’t worry it has been replaced with new and improved ‘Oracle Code One’ having more remarkable features or capabilities.

“JavaOne is gone! Don’t worry it has been replaced with new and improved ‘Oracle Code One’ having more remarkable features or capabilities. Oracle Code One is the new developer-focused conference inclusive of more programming languages, communities, and technologies etc. The conference has best technical content that can ever be expected by the developers.”

According to an announcement made by the Oracle, they are planning to include more features, tracks, and content to the JavaOne conference. The content will be expanded for the topics like micro-services, the blockchain, AI, chat-bots, databases, or containers etc.


The improved conference will be termed as Oracle Code One from 2018 onwards. However, many of the features would remain same as earlier and they will be carried further including various Java contents. In brief, Oracle Code one would be a broadened version of content that was excelled by the Java community traditionally.

The conferences held by the Oracle is the wonderful place where you can spend enough time with speakers, exhibition hall, and more time for each activity. The approach is simply great and developers want to attend these types of conferences almost every year with improved practices.

Main Highlights of the Oracle Code One Developer Conference

With the Oracle Code conference, you will get an idea how big the Java world is and what can be done with the right implementation of Java and related technologies. At the same time, it also explains to developers how easy and convenient Java language is for the organizations.

The main highlight of the conference is that you will get a clear idea of future Java enhancements and how development can innovate the application development. Developers can accelerate the development, designing, and deployment practices for an application together. So, the conference is more technical not the marketing focused.

Java keeps changing its features for different editions every three months or six months. So, this is necessary that as a Java developer you associate yourself with some platform that can give you a clear idea of all future enhancements.

If You Need Motivation Then Come To the Oracle Code One Conference

The conferences like JavaOne or Oracle Code One is probably one of the best places that warmly welcome the software architects, Java programmers, project managers, and quality managers together. If you are bored with your routine work and wanted to explore something new and exciting then come here at JavaOne conference. This is the place where you not only get the motivation to move ahead but the right innovation skills to excel in your career.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to learn various things together at a single place only. You will get a chance to meet with the people working in the same domain and facing similar challenges like you. Get motivation and develop the right strategy to move ahead in your career with a plenty of job roles and right skills for your domain.

Why Oracle Code One Conference?

There are a plenty of reasons why should you welcome the new and improved JavaOne conference. In modern days, no one wanted to visit the conference place personally to learn about the new framework and technologies. Secondly, they need valuable content in different formats and attractive visuals that can be utilized for the future purpose. Also, developers want to know what other people are doing especially the successful Java developers who have witnessed remarkable growth in their career with their dedication and innovating work approach.

With Oracle Code One conference, all of the requirements that are most demanded in the technical world are completely fulfilled. You can attend the conference online by sitting at your place. Secondly, content retention is possible with proper documentation and visuals. Also, you can talk with other Java developers working on same technologies and projects to give a new spark to your career. The things don’t end here but you can enjoy the endless benefits as the member of Oracle Code One conference.

The post has been designed after a careful research where Oracle has committed that it will continue the core knowledge from the older Java One conference and it will add new features based on requirements in the improved version i.e. Oracle Code One.