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How to Identify Problem in Data Analysis?

Sep 30, 2019 data analysis, data science tips, 1080 Views
How do you work on problems? Well, the first step would be to identify the problem. Only when you identify your problem then only you can solve it right?

Same is the case with Data Analysis. It takes a very profound understanding of all the data analysis concepts to clearly identify and then solve the problems during the data analysis. Problem identification is a difficult task that has turned out to be a nightmare for a lot of data analysts. We will try to solve this problem by taking a look at a few problem identification techniques in data analysis. The blog covers the following topics-


Defining a Problem 

Problem Definition is the most difficult part of the entire data analytics procedure. Most data scientist aspirants have little or no experience in this stage. Here are some basic characteristics of a well-defined data problem:

Getting to define a problem is presumably one of the most intricate and vigorously dismissed stages in the data analytics pipeline. To characterize the problem that a data item would comprehend, the experience is required. Most candidates who wish to become data analysts have practically no involvement in this stage. Here are some fundamental qualities of a well-characterized problem:

  • The answer to the problem is probably going to have enough positive effect of legitimizing the exertion. 
  • Enough information is accessible in a usable arrangement. 
  • Stakeholders are keen on applying information science to take care of the issue.

As per the recent trend in problem identification and definition data analytics, problems can be listed out in the following heads- 

Supervised type of Classification

Given a grid of highlights, we build up a model to anticipate various classes that are characterized. For instance: Given value-based information of clients in an insurance agency, it is conceivable to build up a model that will foresee if a customer would agitate or not. 

Different issues include foreseeing more than one class, we could be keen on doing digit acknowledgment, accordingly the reaction vector would be characterized as y = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}, a-best in class model would be convolutional neural system and the lattice of highlights would be characterized as the pixels of the picture.

Supervised type of Regression

For this situation, the issue definition is somewhat like the past model; the distinction depends on the reaction. In a relapse issue, the reaction y , this implies the reaction is genuinely esteemed. For instance, we can build up a model to foresee the hourly compensation of people given the corpus of their CV.

Unsupervised type of Learning

Management is frequently anxious for new experiences. Division models can give this knowledge to the showcasing office to create items for various fragments. A decent approach for building up a division model, instead of considering calculations, is to choose highlights that are important to the division that is wanted.

For instance, in a broadcast communications organization, it is fascinating to section customers by their cell phone utilization. This would include dismissing highlights that have nothing to do with the division objective and including just those that do. For this situation, this would choose includes as the quantity of SMS utilized in a month, the quantity of inbound and outbound minutes, and so on.

Preparing to Rank

This issue can be considered as a relapse issue, yet it has specific qualities and merits of different treatment. The issue includes given an accumulation of archives we try to locate the most significant requesting given an inquiry. To build up a regulated learning calculation, it is expected to mark how pertinent a requesting is, given a question.

Can you take some help from Data Analysis tools in problem identification? 

Articulation of problem is a stage in the Data Science Process progressively subject to delicate aptitudes (instead of mechanical or hard abilities), in any case being founded on inquiries and information, at times a ton of information, it is helpful to have a few information investigation instruments… (heartbroken, enormous information examination can't and ought not to be finished with Excel!)

In this undertaking stage, a key factor is a coordinated effort between information researchers and business clients that, toward the day's end, are the ones with the amplest business learning and are hence, the ones who are going to set the way to progress. We would say this joint effort is enormously encouraged by data visualization apparatuses.

Information representation apparatuses like Qlik or Tableau normally have capacities to legitimately get to a few sorts of organized and unstructured information sources, so they can be connected over crude information and are incredibly successful in distinguishing patterns, oddities, anomalies in dissected information with a profitability level not practically identical to a traditional tabular kind of methodology.

As we said previously, we should remember that a Data Science venture is certainly a Business venture, so it should consistently be arranged on accomplishing results concentrated on the business and have a worldwide vision lined up with the business system.

Tips to Remember when Defining Problems of Businesses

Discover the needs and demand of your business under scrutiny 

The greater part of our business partners doesn't comprehend what the potential outcomes with information science undertakings are. In confining their concern, there is normally a mess expected yet not unequivocally stated, so taking their solicitations with the assumed worth would prompt on many occasions of degree changes. 

As the master in your field, you must guide the business through the wilderness of languages and decipher their vanquish the-world-enchantment catch in-the-cloud business question into something that can be tackled, numerically, and with their information.

Help the business to define the problem 

As a specialized individual, your energy for taking care of issues characterizes you. This trademark is, simultaneously, what winds up hindering you from taking care of the genuine issue. Luckily, characterizing the issue not just anticipates extension changes down the line it is additionally very fun

Now and then, the problem statement definition isn't promptly feasible and requires different strides to accomplish — however, once more, the business presumably doesn't realize that. Rather than being accused of your agitate model not helping in decreasing stir, you can bring matters into your own hands and manufacture a guide for yourself (or your partners since you should know better). 


Apt Problem identification is a great start to any data analytics project. You really need to focus on this aspect as it will really affect the quality of results that you will produce. If you have any doubts or queries with anything discussed above, please write to us. We will try to clear your doubts.


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