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Why am I missing notifications on my android phone?

Nov 16, 2021 notifications on android phone, 81 Views
here in this article, I have explained Why am I missing notifications on my android phone?

Missing notifications on android phones?

Have you ever missed any of the notifications? Or juggling to find your important one, if your answer is yes then you are at the right place to get your answer here in this article we are going to show you how you can stop missing your notifications on android because we can understand how frustrating it is. 

With so much of the experience revolving around android notifications, it becomes irritating if you lose your important one. Have a look at the complete article and get your solution in the easiest ways. Let’s go.

Before calling the tech team make sure that you have connected your devices with the computer or diving into another solution have a look at your notifications because sometimes we turn them off without realizing what they have done and later this becomes the common cause of not getting the notifications on time. Do a quick check before reaching out to other solutions that have enabled the notifications on your device. Giving 10 minutes to do this can help you out.

 This was the first obvious reason you are missing notifications on your device. Let's check out the others.


So the second one can be your enable DO NOT DISTURB mode we often enable this mode accidentally without knowing what we did and it will not send you notifications until you have not closed it so, it can also be a common reason for not receiving notification

  1. Optimized and non-optimized Battery 

There are so many apps in your android which are either in an optimized battery list or nonoptimized. Apps like Dialer, SMS which are of high priority are automatically set as non-optimized which means they will never kill the app and will save your battery there are a few more apps that are under-optimized bucket and they can stop sending you the notifications if you haven’t used them for a while so make sure, that you are updating and using them at least once in a week. 

These all are the top common reasons why you are not receiving notifications on your android.

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