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What should we do if we are unable to receive emails from Gmail?

Jul 29, 2021 Google, Gmail, Technology, , 157 Views
Do you face difficulty while recieving emails on gmail then do read this article till the end to fix this issue.

In the present era, email is critical; every individual and business's work is now dependent on it; as a result, if this service is disrupted even for a few moments, people will suffer significant financial losses. Hence, to resolve this issue I have brought few methods so do read this article till the end to fix the issue of not getting emails on your Gmail account.


Steps in order to fix the Gmail when it is not receiving emails.

  • First of all, open your Gmail account and go to Inbox and click on the Refresh option.
  • If you are not receiving new messages on your mail even after refreshing the inbox, then go back to your mobile screen and check the internet connection. Even if the internet connection is fine, turn on aeroplane mode on your phone and then turn it off after a few seconds, then also turn on your mobile data.
  • If even after following this trick, new messages do not appear in your mail, then go to the Settings option of your mobile and click on App Management.
  • After clicking on App Management, a list of apps will appear in front of you, find the Gmail app in that list and click on it.
  • As soon as the app window opens, click on Force Stop, then click on Clear Cache and make sure that Mobile Data and WiFi Data are disabled.
  • After following these steps, now go to your Gmail account again and log in with your id and check whether new messages are showing on your mail inbox or not, although I'm sure that after following this trick the issue will surely get resolved.

         Stay tuned to our site to know about more such useful tricks.

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