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What is a CVV Number on a credit card?

Nov 27, 2021 CVV, credit card, debit card, 272 Views
Here in this article, we have explained What is a CVV Number on a credit card?

What is a CVV Number on a credit card?

If you have done online shopping via credit or debit card or any master card also must have put the three-digit number [CVV] at the end but have you ever tried to search for this last three-digit number? And why do we need to put this while reducing the amount? Why can't the PIN be enough? Or you have never done shopping because you don't know what CVV IS? Don't worry, you have landed at the right place to get your answer, here is the complete guide for what CVV is and why it is so important while shopping.

Before starting with the steps to follow, one thing you should always keep in mind while shopping is not to share your PIN and CVV with anyone. Only with the site and make sure you are on a secured site.

What CVV?

CVV is a credit verification value that is a three-digit or a four-digit. code of your card present at the back or front of your card depending upon the type of card you are using. It is an extra layer of protection provided by banks to the customers to protect your account and card

In addition, retailers or any site cannot save your CVV, on the basis of safety/privacy or for any third reason if you allowed someone to save your CVV, then your payment information can get leaked and your account payment is at risk it can be processed by anyone anytime.

And there are more than ten acronyms of CVV based on different names of various vendors. For instance 

  1. CVV- CARD VERIFICATION VALUE with visa cards
  4. CVC2- CARD VERIFICATION CODE2, used with MasterCard
  5. CVV2- CARD VERIFICATION VALUE 2,  again used with visa cards

These were the few examples of CVV's different names and three acronyms. This was all about what CVV is and why you should not disclose your number to anyone or to any wrong site. Do we hope this article saved your account or credit card? What are your thoughts on the same? Share with us in the comments. till have, happy learning, and for more industry-related topics stay tuned with us.


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